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Mt. Romelo , 1st Climb …Buruwisan Falls


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Im not a mountainer neither i want to be one . But i love chasing waterfalls . So if i get an invite of climbing a mountain  , I always ask ‘ ” IS THERE A WATERFALLS” ???.   If there’s one , IM ALL IN :-).

My first major climb with officemates  Daisy , Bel , Charry , EJ , Kitty ,  Julius ( Ej’s bf) and Robert ( Charry’s bf) was a SUCCESS.  Mt Romelo is good  for beginners level (duh!! not true) . The path from our dayhike was under the scorching hot of the sun and steep slope i never imagined exist LOL.  It was 10 am  when we reached the water system (Romelo River) that gives life to the falls of Siniloan , andaming tao , madaming nagpapatayo ng tent  ,merong nagaganap na rappelling activity sa Buruwisan Falls

I wasn’t feeling well when we got to the camp  and was worried we can’t get back on time because of the rain at the middle of the night.

A day would not be enough to explore the beautiful waterfalls of Mt. Romelo. There are 4 known waterfalls in the area, namely Buruwisan Falls (the most popular), Lansones Falls, Sampaloc Falls and Batya-batya Falls. Among these 4 waterfalls, we only visited 1.

Climbing is not my thing , but if i get to find one with waterfalls …I WILL DO IT AGAIN .. AGAIN .. AGAIN…

PAHIYAS, Lucban , Quezon


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Pahiyas is a celebration of good harvest, colors and people and saint. It is
in honor of St. Isidore the Farmer, the patron saint of harvest. Celebrated
every 15th of May, it is strictly celebrated on the said date regardless if it
falls on weekend or rainy day. This festivity showcases street of houses
decorated with fruits , vegetables , agricultural products , handicrafts and
kipling , a decoration made of rice flour that can be grilled or fried for

There is also parade of the beautiful Quezonians with their colorful handmade
gowns and dresses. Tourists are also fond of the Higantes and procession of
Saints .

Lucban is not only famous on the Pahiyas festival they are also famous on their
YUMMMMY Lucban Lonnganisa .

If you hapen to plan in visiting the festival . You can contact my friend Miven
Nano of Golden Peak for a day tour with side trips included.




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Macau (/məˈk/Chinese: 澳門), also spelled Macao, according to WIKIPEDIA is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China, the other being Hong Kong.

former Portuguese colony, well this explains the colonial inspired building and establishments.  Touristy during the day that then BOOMS to it’s glitters and sparkle during the night .



HONGKONG : My 1st Out of the Country SOLO Trip

No plans , no expectations , no itinerary … will see once i get there. My first out of the country supposed to be with my cousin but because of unfortunate events , i she backed out and i have to travel alone.

My worries:

6 days in Hongkong  and 2 days in MACAU…. What to do!? HmmMmmmm….

1. who can i split the expenses with

2.how will a solo traveler get pass the immigration

3. what to do , where to visit , where to eat yada yada…

4.  etc etc etc … I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN.


The Hong Kong and Macau threads on Pinoy Exchange were actually the most helpful resource I found since the forumers have posted just about everything you need to know about the place and the tips are more targeted to (Filipino) backpackerish travelers. It gives you lots of information about  HONGKONG _MACAU tour for dummies 🙂 hihihi

My aunt picked me up to the airport . Stayed in a hotel for 2 nights then stayed with her for 4 days.  Roam around Hongkong in 3 ..2 …1

Hongkong Airport...SSOOOoo Clean and HUGE

Hongkong Airport…SSOOOoo Clean and HUGE






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How to get to CALAGUAS

From Manila:

By Land:

There are buses in Cubao that will take you to Camarines Norte.


Philtranco AC – ( Cubao Station) – 8:00 Am  Philtranco Pasay 1:00pm

Amihan ( Cubao Station)  8:00 Am

Superlines ( Cubao Station)  8:00 AM 9:00 AM.Fare for Non AC  390.00/way

-Route from Manila to Date is approximately 8-10 hours . Fare for AC is 580.00/ way

By Plane: Saving money for a ticket is not easy , especially if Promo tix not  available haha!!

-Via Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Zest Air  to Naga Airport

-From Naga Airport take a van bound to Daet, approximately 3 hours.


Take a bus going to Paracale, Camarines Norte, Then take a trike going to Paracale Port.

-From the port , you can ask around the boat trip going to (Calaguas).

-Hire a boat going to the island,  approximately 8k for a round trip for 15 people .


-You can ride a tricycle going to VINZONS port

-Haggle for a 2 hr boat ride going to Mahabang Buhangin. better if you can talk to travellers and split the boat rental.

Vinzons Port

2 hours boat ride


Reserve a ticket in advance!!!  Chance Passenger?? Not again , no way!!!

You can avail packages through different Travel Tours . Around 3000-3500 ALL IN! Travel with convenience , tour for experience 🙂



Clothes \Swimwear


headlamp\ flashlight

Ziplocks ( for camera , money, cellphone )


Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: snorkeling equipment

Drinking Water

Cooking utensils/ cook your own



Camera with extra battery ( no electricity in the island)

Garbage bag for your luggage ( you wouldn’t want you bag get wet while on the sea)

Happy Camper



Trekking ( 10 mins hike to the hill for a full view of the island)

Beach BummmMming ( I like!!!)

POI Fire Dancing @ Night (optional  haha)

Picture = Pose ! pose! Pose!

Entrance to the Hill

Side trip:

Bagasbas beach for Surfers 🙂

In the Island:

1. No signal . There is a certainn spot in the rocky side going to the hill that has a signal for Smart only.

2. No drinking water so bring your own . Locals can fetched water for you, 10.00/pale

3. Nipa huts available for rental; 200.00 , 300.00 depends on the kubo style

4. Fetch your tent / hammock.  Camping style

5. Entrance fee and Barangay fee 120.00 petot.

6.. If all else fails , ASK THE LOCALS 🙂

I took a package tour , little pricey compared to DIY . What can i do? I like to be in the beach the convenient way 😉 . I stayed at Hotel Dolor on my first night , affordable and clean room for a tired wanderer 🙂 .  DIY is next on my list though 🙂


CALAGUAS 2012 .. a butt-numbing escapade


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Calaguas is  nowhere my original  plan  , i wanted to go to CARAMOAN , but  because of schedule conflicts i had to change my route.  I ended up going with friends.

Finally im on my way to Calaguas!!!!!!

Calaguas is a group of islands but the main attraction is the Mahabang Buhangin , long sand or Long Beach. It’s a  butt- numbing drive trip.

Mahabang Buhangin Calaguas

I  found myself seated on a van bound to Daet one fine morning. I wanted to stay in Bagasbas but we arrived 4 pm so didn’t have time to  travel to my destination and surf in Bagasabas Beach. I ended at Hotel Dolor in the center of Daet  then  roamed around  town. The food was good and affordable . I’ve been eyeing to find a restaurant with Bicolandias specialties ; laing , bicol express , pinangat unfortunately to no avail.


Sunset View

I woke up 4 am , prepared for my things , payed the bills and went to meet my friends. Jump off was in Vinzons Port which is 10 mins from Daet then a 2 hours boat ride to the island.

Travel Buddies Marj and Carla Photo credits to Marj Silayan

Upon setting foot ,you could feel the powdery white sand . It is finer than the sand in Boracay. Tents and bahay kubo are scattered as no accommodations nor resorts available . A toilet is available but it’s not the kind you expect from hotels , you have to fetch water with the help of locals for 10 pesos. It’s advised to bring your own drinking water if you can’t stand deep well water.

A tent is provided , all we have to do is bumm in the beach. The organizer had a lot of activities to offer ; Culinary lesson , poi dancing , cocktail party and buffet food .. YuuMmmm.

Chef Janjie aka Lakwatserong Kusinero  together with Nano , the photographer spearheaded the trip, i bumped to  his adventures one time when i was watching Jessica Soho’s saturday episode. Chef Janjie runs his own restaurant and is employed with one of the leading Oil Company in the Philippines.

The Chef prepared meals for the trip, buffet style. There is an option for a fine dining experience only if few participants joined, you get to eat food prepared by a chef in a pristine beach island, Nice!!!! Fine dining by the beach , Great!!!! I SOOOoOOO LOVE THE FOODDD… BIG TIME!!

I was looking forward for my first POI experience . Poi refers to both a style of performance art and the equipment used for engaging in poi performance. As a performance art, poi involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. Performers often use poi with bright, contrasting colors to enhance aesthetics and emphasize patterns. Beginners learn by using lengths of rope weighted , soft objects such as bean bags ,juggling balls, balloons filled with legumes, or small toys. It’s not easy , i thought it was but it aint. After several tries i get to spin a whole trick. YEY!!!! But im not good enough  to spin a fire POI, after couple of months maybe . hahaha!!

POI EXPERIENCE Photo Credits to Marj Silayan

Overflowing drinks  courtesy of the Blackout Mobile Bar ( sad we didnt try the 9 shots) and a show of fire dancers andpictorials.Exhausted with the POI kulitan with Marj and Carla, we agreed to sleep on the shore stargazing. It’s not my hobby peering at the sky at night but the feel of stargazing in Calaguas is different. I was amazed how the sky is filled with bright stars baring their own light. I wished i had a telescope.

My buddies were asleep and my itchy feet wanted to walk and explore . I ended up on the top of the hill overlooking the Calaguas Long beach. I had a chummy chat John and Mark  while taking pictures of the scenic view, the hill was just 10 minutes trail . Feeling empty i rushed down to get breakfast . We went directly to Bagasbas beach after camping overnight.

uphill View

Bagasbas beach is known as a surf break , Carla is so excited she immediately hit the waves right after our lunch . Marj and I were accompanied by Roi , Dennis and Louise , talking about our next visit to Legazpi City , where the famous Mt Mayon resides.

Bagasbas Beach

Amboy . Cute Boy, Bibbo kid , Me and Marj

Calaguas is a virgin island slowly being discovered . The best beach I’ve been to. The turquoise water kissing the horizon , the blue sky and the nature at its best!!! Overall , the was great  .

While writing this blog , CALAGUAS is on its peak of controversy being exploited by travel organizers. I don’t blame them , the island is slowly exploited with the occasional party night, this will eventually kill Calaguas.

I heart Calaguas , im  planning to visit Calaguas again, DIY style 🙂 on a weekday maybe , to see the island at its silence. I LOVE TO SEE CALAGUAS AT ITS FINEST !!!!  NO noise , no blinking lights, no happy hour , just an island resting waiting for me. I would love to feel the certain bliss of exploring its nature.

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Island of Silence..Talisayin Cove , Zambales


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Out of town trips doesn’t mean you need to have a lot of money to the trip is worth it. Great company and adventure make the trip relently unforgettable. Stories to share ,mischiefs, endeavors , social and a lot more.

March ,2012. I’m on the go again with my friend, a new adventure for us , camping in an isolated island without modern amenities. HmmM, sounds good but i was worried , no lights, no electricity , no signal , no restroom.. What the!!! Are we going back to the old era?

Woooahh Photo Credits Jobert Abiva

City of Pines , Talisayin Cove


Well , expect the unexpected, 5-6 hours trip from Manila to Pundaquit , Zambales then an hour boat ride to our destination , Talisayin Island. I thought we were staying in Anawangin but because of an unfortunate event experienced by my friend , we stayed in the next island ( she saw 3 people drowning and never went back for 5 years now) . I’ve always wanted to see this place, the fresh air and pine trees and the breathtaking view of the sea facing the pacific ocean. Visitors are treated to more relaxed and quiet environment . Away from the noisy and polluted air will take you off the hustle and bustle of the city life . No hotel accomodations but a nipa huts and bahay kubo , no signal , no connection from the outside world.

Janine, Connie,Me, Tito Jimmy and Irene

I was once a girl scout, tried camping but inside the school backyard haha ( oh yes! You did also ). I wanted to experience camping but for this trip we had to stay in a bahay kubo, but its ok. The available tent was occupied by the love birds , Abby Ramel and James , ill have my lovetent next time ;-).

Credits to Janine and Irene for the delicious food , crispy pata, bulalo, adobong texas ( oh i love this , i need to learn how to cook it), crabs, the grape like seaweed ( popping in my mouth).

The Photographer, My Coach Diver and My Friend Lakwatsera

Our photographer Jobert and my coach diver Tito Tinio. Yes!! I don’t know how to swim , but with the help of Tito i had my 2 meters swim in the ocean, no floaters.. no vest .. just my brave confidence. The group o Lorilie , Ed , were there to boost my ego, ” Si Jane marunong ng lumangoy , yey!! ” .

2 days were enough to explore 3 islands; Talisayin Cove , Nagsasa island and Magalawa Island.

Nagsasa Cove By Jobert

Talisayin Cove ; Everyone is busy taking pictures, some were exploring the island. as the boat fetched us to another island , the view of the stretched fine sand against the pine trees wall perfected a great panorama. Just a little disappointed , the stream and waterfalls run water down from the mountain dried out because of the hot summer and dry season. . We ended up sitting there competing for the highest rock balance formation, price? , bragging rights !!!

Rock Balancing


Nagsasa Cove: Just when i found the paradise of isolation hahaha. Nagsasa has its own beauty of silence away from the city lights.

the river , the sea with pine tress behind the banks. Walking around , posing like professional models … its fun.. fun .. fun. A can of coke for 50 pesos, double the price, reasonable price. An island with no facilities , torture for some yet exciting for many.

Magalawa Island: Good spot for snorkelling, OooHhh lots and lots of sea urchins and starfish in the seashore. Top choice for campers ,but compared to the popular Potipot Island its is bigger and a slow developing beach resort. Tents can be set up under huge trees, these serve as shade and protection from direct sunlight.

Freaky Spot in Magalawa Island

Magalawa Island View

Freaky experience though, we were told that a kid drowned a week ago on the spot were two strong water currents met, the sandbar part. That kept us wondering why the 3 dogs been howling when we throw starfish back to the ocean . Was the kid watching us? Were the dogs howling because they saw the kid asking for help? Sh^%#^&$!!! I’m not going back to the island again hahaha!! I learned how to swim though with help of Tito Tinio 🙂 , Thanks Tito. Good gracious the kid didn’t pull me down to drown haha. Things would have been a little less furtonate as we need to leave the island soaking wet .



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Last minute decision , my route >>>>>>BALER. I travelled with friends . The thought of surfing is an adrenaline rush i cant resists. Crazy i am , i don’t even know how to swim!!! 5-6 long hours trip from Manila to Aurora , Quezon, patches of rough roads specially the mountain highway , bog! pak! bag! bog!, zigzag road, its hilarious. The place is kinda isolated and still under development , a famous destination spot for surfers. The place is good if you’re in for the Surf and not for the sleep, hahaha. ( who slept after the 1 hour beginners course??? )

Museo de Baler

Went to the following sites:

Museo de Baler

> Quezon Park

> Museo de Baler

>Islet Islet


>Baler Port


Mother Falls

We went to Mother falls/ Ditumaba Falls , one of the 3 falls that be seen in Baler . We have to enter a jungle road and a walk of for around 30-45 minutes to reach the falls, part of the way you have to walk through huge water pipes and slippery concrete structures. Finally , 2nd falls( and counting) ive seen much smaller compared to the falls I saw from the TST survivor Hike. Water soOooooOo cold. We had to freeze for a underwater camera shot courtesy of Klur.


Rest of the time was spent surfing.

“Mam, ung kamay nyo ibaba nyo!!”
“Bakit mo ko pinapagakitan kuya”
“Hindi po ,kanina pa kasi tayo dito mga kasama mo nakatayo na sa dagat”
“FINE.. hhMMmPP”



After Zillion attempts…pains …bruises… I MADE IT !! 🙂 Im a certified Surfer.

Baler Surfers